Lift Assist is Going Green In More Ways Than One

June 10, 2021

Published by Kranlyft Group
Lift Assist

New environmentally friendly mini cranes to a already strong fleet

Lift Assist offers a vast range of services, from competent labour, methodology and consultancy to full contract lifts. With a great pace and expansion over the past few years, they are now full steam ahead expanding their specialist fleet of lifting equipment. With a strong focus on sustainability the direction that they are going is green. Company Director Dean Wink has been in the lifting industry for over 20 years. His father, Peter Wink, was in the industry for over 50 years and they both have built a sound reputation based on their wealth of experience and knowledge. Peter joined us at Kranlyft Group in Ascheberg Germany on a Klaas Open Day event back in November 2019. He was interested to see what Klaas had to offer with their range of aluminium boom cranes and lifting equipment. Dean came to the Kranlyft UK depot in Bristol later in the year to learn more about our Maeda, Klaas, Uplifter and Magni products. Sadly, Peter passed away in December 2020. Dean was very impressed with the Maeda range of mini cranes and understands the importance of having equipment that can be relied upon, Maeda are well known for their build quality and reliability in addition to being a valuable asset of any fleet for a very long period of time. Dean’s investment started in 2020 with a total rebranding of his fleet and company vehicles in an eye-catching green white and black colour scheme, this rebranding started around the same time as the release of Maeda’s all new lithium-ion battery powered Maeda MC285CB-3. The decision to purchase this new model was made in January 2021, Dean was very impressed with the long running time and minimal charge time. The Maeda MC285CWM-E-3 has proved to be a very popular choice with its fully variable outriggers, limit setting including slew and full HBC radio remote control and the option of this model with battery power is the total package. Mini cranes are already more environmentally friendly with their low carbon footprint compared with larger cranes. Their compact dimensions and ability to manoeuvre mean that in many lifting situations they replace the need for tower cranes and mobile cranes. The new MC285CB-3 from Maeda is operated with absolute zero emissions, allowing the crane to be used in sensitive indoor environments, and when the strictest regulations need to be achieved. By delivering the capacity, reliability, and flexibility required for the most demanding operations, the MC285CB-3 builds on the successful legacy of the MC285C-3 model. Dean has since then made another addition to his fleet and ordered a new Maeda MC405CRM-E-3. In this purchase, he decided to take advantage of the first 0% finance deal offered by the Kranlyft Group. Dean has chosen the full specification crane including the optional Fly Jib and the optional 1500kg Searcher Hook. The crane was also being painted in Lift Assists new and bright colours, making their fleet stand out and building a stronger brand.


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