Telescopic Handlers from Magni are advancing further

March 19, 2021

Published by Kranlyft Group

The fixed telehandlers are increasing in popularity

This year started of with Magni Telescopic Handlers extending its fixed frame telehandlers range. The TH range of telescopic handlers for construction and light industry is designed to ensure maximum performance in every situation. Standard 4-wheel drive guarantees maximum grip on any kind of ground. The hydrostatic transmission ensures optimal off-road performance. The compact size is ideal for tight working spaces, guaranteeing maximum manoeuvrability in any location.

• Lowered design for greater stability
• Available with Deutz Stage V engines
• Available in two engine sizes, to suit your needs
• 350 bar L/S hydraulic system
• Four-wheel drive (4WD)

New applications for the fixed telehandlers are emerging and the increase in popularity reflects the markets need for innovative and high-quality telehandlers. Some of the most used applications are as follows:

• Construction
• Large events
• Aircraft maintenance
• Ship repair
• Plant service

The new models have very low stowed booms for a lower centre of gravity, which also provides a slightly unusual look when it is fully elevated. The cab has the same high specification as that fitted to Magni’s fully rotatable telescopic handlers and includes a seven inch intuitive touch screen, cab pressurisation and filtration, air conditioning and a super deluxe seat. Power comes from a Stage V compliant engine of the highest quality. The hydraulic system uses a high pressure pump delivering 350bar/5,100psi, with automatic load sensing and flow control to ensure maximum efficiency and multi function operation. Side shift, automatic eight degrees of levelling and automatic attachment recognition are all standard and includes a winch option for suspended loads.

The function management software is easy and intuitive and suitable for all types of users. The thematically organised display and iconographic graphics make it easier to learn the basic functions, making the system user-friendly. The CAN BUS electrical system simplifies the machine management, allowing all relevant data to be displayed on the touchscreen in the cab. The L/S hydraulic system features a 350 bar working pressure. It has been designed to optimize daily work.

Ergonomics and operator comfort are prerogatives of Magni machines. The seat and adjustable steering column are designed to ensure an optimal driving position. The full-visibility cab is designed to guarantee a 360° view during every movement. The many standard features of the cab (such as air filtration and pressurization) ensure operator comfort in any season and location.

All TH models feature Stage V engines to meet the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/1628 regarding emissions. All the models are also available with Stage IV final and IIIA engines. This choice was dictated by the desire to be able to easily find the entire range in all markets, without the need for conversion kits. The TH 5.5.19 and TH 5.5.15 models are available with two different motor powers for each available engine. Thus, we can meet the most diverse requirements of each customer, adapting to their needs in the best possible way.

This mechanism lets the driver adjust the machine levelling and have the full load chart for all operations, even with ground inclinations which would normally affect the lifting performance. Magni has also introduced an additional levelling safety device: if the operator tries to manually correct the inclination of the machine on uneven terrain, the system detects the machine inclination and only allows compensation to be performed in the correct direction, preventing any movement which could worsen the situation.

Watch the introduction video below for a more in-depth feature of the new TH range.

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