Kranlyft Group expands with Glassworker

March 4, 2020

Kranlyft Group appointed exclusive dealer of Glassworker

Since the 1st of March 2020, Kranlyft Group is the exclusive distributor of Glassworkers’ products for the United Kingdom and the Scandinavian market including Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. The Glassworker range consists of suction disc units, panel suction units, transport units and complete mounting machines. Manufacturing is done in Germany with a strong focus on quality, durability and safe operations.

The distribution contract has been agreed and signed by Kranlyft Group’s CEO Jurgen Vater and Uplifters’ CEO’s Martin Lobinger and Sebastian Bayer. Uplifter GmbH is the sole owner of the Glassworker brand.

With twelve products in the range and growing, Glassworker has set the aim to be the market leader in the vacuum gear segment. The glass assembly cranes for glass plates and windows can quickly lift to lower heights and allow very precise positioning. These mounting machines have an all-electric drive and are thereby environmentally friendly and can be used indoors as well as outdoors. For higher heights the separate suction discs units can be mounted on a Maeda Mini Crane and achieve vast flexibility. The vacuum lifting equipment is perfect for construction projects with both small and large window sections that require precise mounting. The largest mounting machine, GW 625, has a load capacity of up to 625 kg and is built to manage triple-glazed windows with ease. The Glassworker devices are for the all-around craftsmen who build façades with glass, stone, and panels.

”As a specialist in providing lifting solutions, we have for a long time searched for great glass lifters to rely on. After a long period of evaluation and a large number of satisfied users we have made our choice to strengthen the relationship with Uplifter and their vacuum gear brand. With Glassworker as a part of our portfolio, we can now ensure that our customers handle glass, stone and panels with confidence. High quality in combination with great German engineering has resulted in outstanding products. ” says Jurgen Vater, CEO of Kranlyft Group.

”The demand for vacuum lifting gear and glass assembly cranes in the last years has grown tremendously with no end in sight. When constructing modern buildings, surfaces of glass are indispensable and most architects are using glass as the go-to material more and more. The size and weight of each single glass piece for assembly are getting bigger and heavier, and can thus not be handled by hand anymore. These simple reasons will guarantee the demand for safe and effective solutions in regards to glass handling. We are very proud to announce that Kranlyft Group is our exclusive partner for both Scandinavia and the United Kingdom. For many years we have known the company very well, and we look forward to further strengthen our cooperation going forward.” says Sebastian Bayer, CEO of Uplifter GmbH.

The expansion is part of Kranlyft Group’s strategy to strengthen its market position and improve its offering to customers. In addition to the Glassworker product range, Kranlyft Group’s range of machines includes Maeda mini cranes, Magni Telescopic Handlers and Klaas aluminum truck and trailer cranes.

Glassworker Lifting Gear
Glassworker Vacuum lifting


For more information:
Jurgen Vater, CEO Kranlyft Group
Phone: +46 31 80 70 00

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