Edins Kranar takes delivery of Sweden’s first Klaas K1003

December 8, 2020

The advantages of an Aluminium crane won them over

The Stockholm-based crane company Edins Kranar AB has taken delivery of the first Klaas K1003 sold in Sweden. The K1003 is a truck-mounted aluminum crane that boasts many market-leading qualities such as a maximum lifting height of 52m and an impressive 6000 kg in lifting capacity. The crane is produced by the German crane and aerial lift manufacturer Klaas and has been sold and delivered by Kranlyft Group as the exclusive dealer in Sweden.

As one of the larger Klaas truck cranes the K1003 impresses with a maximum hook load of 6000 kg and a winch capacity of 3000 kg. All this with a maximum outrigger width of less than 6 m. Making it ideal in tight construction situations where space is limited and loads needs to be lifted with a long reach. It is mounted on a three-axle Mercedes-Benz Actros 2530 truck with a rear steerable axle. Thus manoeuvrability and comfortable handling are ideally combined with the enormous reach of the aluminium boom.

The model is equipped with a hydraulic telescopic fly jib, double derricking cylinders, TFR boom system, twin luffing cylinders, crane control system, telescopic winch, electric hybrid drive and much more. Features as radio remote control, personal safety mode, 360 degrees continuous rotation, and automatic leveling comes as standard. The hybrid drive makes the machine even more environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient.

The maximum lifting height of 52.75 m allows for the K1003 to shine in most challenges as it have set new standards in the segment of mobile cranes with an aluminum boom. In regards to the working range; a load of 3000 kg can be transported 11 m, a load of 2000 kg can be transported 18.5 m and a load of 250 kg can be transported up to 44 meters. Unique for these performance values is that the maximum outrigger width is less than 6 m.

Jonas Gadolin, technical director at Kranlyft Group comments:”Edins Kranar is a well established company with over 30 cranes in operation and we are confident that this will be a strong addition to their fleet. And they will experience the many advantages of a truck-mounted aluminium crane. The K1003 has a limited ground base without having to forego immense reach values, which is ideal for urban environments and challenging work sites that they often meet.”

Klaas K1100 RSX
Klaas K1100 at work
Klaas K1100 at work
Klaas K1100 at work


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Jurgen Vater, CEO Kranlyft Group
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