Sweden’s first Maeda MC285CB-3 delivered to Krankungen

March 17, 2021

Published by Kranlyft Group

Krankungen buys Sweden’s first Maeda MC285CB-3, a fully battery-powered mini crane with zero emissions

The Stockholm-based crane rental company Krankungen AB has bought Sweden’s first Maeda MC285CB-3. An innovative mini crane that delivers the capacity, reliability and flexibility that is currently demanded by the most demanding operators. With a large lithium battery, this fully electrically powered mini crane can be used for long periods with impressive lifting values ​​- completely without emissions. The crane has been sold and delivered by Kranlyft Group, which is the exclusive distributor for Maeda in Europe, Russia, Africa and the Middle East.

In connection with the product launch of the Maeda MC285CB-3 last year, we saw the usual MC285C-3 being further developed into an even more versatile and more environmentally friendly model. The lithium battery is manufactured by Toshiba and its large capacity means that a Maeda MC285CB-3 can be used continuously for approximately 9 hours and then be fully charged in just 3.5 hours. Continuous operation is possible during charging, and this was one of the many advantages that made Krankungen feel comfortable with the decision to become the owners of Sweden’s first battery-powered Maeda. Improved working environment, energy efficiency and very low maintenance costs also contributed to the decision to invest in battery-powered machines. With battery operation, the crane can work in the most sensitive environments, indoors and outdoors, without disturbing cables or fuel cans.

As a crane rental company, Krankungen needs to be able to fully trust its machines both when it comes to safety and function. This has resulted in them choosing to own mini cranes from Maeda from the start in 2012. With a well-maintained machine park and a high level of service, the customer is put first and by developing in line with market needs, Krankungen has grown to become one of the Nordic region’s largest machine rental companies with a focus on mini cranes. Now they are putting in a higher gear with new personnel, smarter solutions, updated website and by broadening the range of cranes and lifting equipment.

Richard Beiron, Nordic sales for Kranlyft Group comments:
“It is a privilege to work with Krankungen. The company maintains a very high level of service, constantly works with competence development and is always at the forefront. They make it impossible for us to be lazy and that makes our job even more fun.”

Fredrik Jansson, founder and owner of Krankungen comments:
“Apart from the fact that there is even more environmental thinking in this machine, there are several advantages to this model. It is both shorter and lighter but retains the same lifting capacity. This means that you get it in, for example, construction lifts that take 2 tonnes of capacity.”

Maeda MC285CB-3 Electric

Paddle Lever Wireless Remote Control and Programmable Moment Limiter comes as standard.

Below is a complete video featuring the fully electric-powered Maeda MC285CB-3


For more information:
Jurgen Vater, CEO at Kranlyft Group
+46 703 343 053 | jurgen.vater@kranlyft.com

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