Johnson Arabia expands with Maeda Mini Cranes

May 1, 2020

Published by Kranlyft Group

Johnson Arabia adds Maeda Mini Cranes to their range

Johnson Arabia offers complete engineered solutions for lifting requirements. Since 1999 they are based in Dubai, with locations in Abu Dhabi and Sohar, Oma operates across the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. The company has more than 250 mobile cranes and 700 aerial work platforms in its fleet. Johnson Arabia now offers six Maeda Mini Cranes in their range with maximum capacities ranging from 1t to 8t.

Johnson Arabia has seen growing demand in its customer base for mini cranes, pick and carry cranes and vacuum lifter to aid their projects ranging from the construction industry to the oil and gas industry and even the Expo 2021 pavilions where it is difficult to have lager cranes and lifting devices. Futhermore, the company aims to support its clients and various industries with new products for their operations in construction, oil and gas and other related industries.

One of each Mada model available

The initial order includes one of every model in the Maeda Mini Crane line-up, which ranges from the 995kg MC104C through to the 8.09 tonne MC815C, including the 1.72 tonne MC174C, the 2.83 tonne MC285C, the 2.98 tonne MC305C and the 3.83 tonne MC405C. The range offers maximum lift heights between 5.5 to 25 metres and lower loads up to 21 metres below ground level.

Martin Kirby, managing director, Johnson Arabia, comments: “This investment is part of the vision to innovate and constantly bring new concepts to the market and just the start of the proposed expansion planned for the business. At Johnson Arabia we demand the very best in reliability, performance but above all safety and cost effectiveness from our long-term partners to ensure the very best support can always be offered to our clients. Our business is constantly evolving and expanding even during such challenging times and we will never stop demanding the best and will work together with our partners and clients to provide the industry with the best total lifting solutions.”

The authorized Maeda dealer Kanoo Cranes sold the cranes

Kranlyft Group delivered the Maeda Cranes to the exclusive Maeda dealer for the region Kanoo Cranes based in Saudi Arabia. They then sold the cranes to Johnson Arabia.

Mohammed Fareed, executive manager, cranes-Dubai, said: “These spider cranes will enable companies to continue work on large scale projects and fast track certain challenging lifting and placement operations. The spider mini crane series will also work in conjunction with our existing line of crane equipment which makes it an easy option for companies to choose from. This along with the best technical support in the business makes Johnson Arabia an easy option to choose from for a company’s lifting needs.”

Gareth Conley, executive manager, AWP division, added: “These cranes will work alongside our AWP business very well where we continue to offer market leading back up with familiarization on every delivery and it will have the same focused immediate 24-hour service and support. Johnson Arabia has more than 20 years of experience operating in the GCC and has invested in these particular range of spider cranes from Maeda because it offers market leading advances in technology, performance, an innovative product that provides versatility, cost efficiency, ease of use and maintenance.”

Johnson Arabia adds Maeda
Maeda Mini Crane


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